I'm currently available for photography sessions and Zoom consulting. If you'd like to work together, or want to say hi, email me at: maudeirene@gmail.com 


maude ballinger

branding strategist + photographer 

based in San Francisco, CA

Helping restaurants survive—and thrive—in an increasingly digital world.


From working in and around hospitality my entire career, to being the proud partner of a chef, my world is centered around food. As such, I am deeply familiar with trends and nuances within the restaurant industry. I recently returned to San Francisco after receiving my MA in Global Communications at the American University of Paris, where I learned the inner workings of branding and how to implement high-performance social media content strategies. I use these skills to help restaurants grow their brands, using Instagram as a main marketing platform. 


The COVID-19 crisis has prompted the entire hospitality sector to re-envision its future.  In fact, restaurant Instagram accounts have become essential resources to keep businesses afloat, and beautiful food photography showcasing to-go packaging is necessary for restaurants who have been forced to transition their business model towards takeaway. As businesses start to reopen and move into the next phases of shelter-in-place, having an Instagram content strategy that keeps consumers engaged and informed helps restaurants ride the waves of unpredictability instead of dreading them.